Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus With Vinegar

The nail fungus occurs commonly in all the people with a simple and common symptom of yellowing of nails under the toe nails. When the nail fungus goes deeper inside then it might turn into nail disorder, thicken and crumbles. It can affect several nails but not all of them.

If the condition is mild then you needn’t bother but if it’s not so then you will definitely have to take up some treatments to avoid the unwanted loss of nails. Even if the treatment works you may have the fungus again. Nail fungus can also be known as onychomycosis. When your nail is being affected by nail fungus then you will experience the symptoms like;

  • Thickened
  • Crumbled
  • Distorted in shape
  • Dull with no shine
  • Dark in colour built by debris under the skin



The infected nails would get separated from the nail bed and feel a foul odour sometimes.  Though there are various home remedies for toenail fungus. The alkaline nature of vinegar is said to cure the toe nail fungus in a better way. But you will have to see the doctor when you find that the self care help doesn’t seems to help you and when you have diabetics and develop the toe nail fungus.

Vinegar For Toenail Fungus

Vinegar’s natural alkaline nature would help you in alleviating the bacteria and the viruses. Treating you affected nail twice daily with vinegar would help you in alleviating the bacteria.

Soak the infected leg into a bowl of warm water mixed with vinegar. Mix a cup of vinegar in ¼ of water in a tub. Soak you legs for about 15 minutes twice daily.

You can also apply the vinegar directly on the affected finger twice daily for better results. Dip an ear bud into the vinegar and apply it on your toes twice daily.


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