How Long Does Bottled Water Last Unopened

Nowadays bottled waters are becoming more popular since it has been considered to be safer than the tap water. But its not so the bottled water can also become unsafe after some time and here are some points on how long they will be safer.

How To Find If The Water Is Rotten Or Bad

You can find out whether the bottled water is rotten or not by cloudiness formation inside the bottle. Strange taste or foul smell, it could be found when you sip and all that you will have to do at the time is to spit it out.

How To Store The Water

Store the water in a cool and dry place; let the water stay away from gasoline, chemicals, high scented liquids, paints, toxic and odorous materials. Avoid keeping the bottles in direct sunlight for longer hours or keeping it in the car all the day. It would result in contamination of water and the chemicals in the plastic may melt into the water due to heat since nowadays the plastic used for these bottles are very light.


Expiry Dates

The water does not gets expired but the bottle does after some time. The plastic bottle would leach some chemicals after certain time. In such cases the consumer can lodge a complaint on the manufacturer and the manufacturer is answerable for it.

Consuming After Expiry Date

The expiry date is intimated for the safety of the bottle and not the water. Storing the water for a longer period of time will make the water to taste different but still it’s safe. Its not that drinking the bottled water after expiry is not safe or toxic. Even then avoid using it more often.

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