Home Treatment For Low Libido

Lack of sex drive is generally termed as libido it affects 32% of women and 15% of men. Stress, depression, obese, side effects of some drugs and too much of alcohol consumption are some of the reasons for libido. Here are some simple home remedies for lack of sex drive.

Natural Aphrodisiacs



Figs, avocados and bananas are natural aphordisiacs that will increase the blood flow in your genital area and increases your sex drive.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C improves the blood circulation hence for people with libido must consume foods that are rich in vitamin C.  vitamin C helps to increase the sex dive in both men and women buthas more effects on women when compared with the levels of men.

Collagen-Rich Foods


The production of collogen naturally declines when you grow old. It has a direct effect on your skins health, it loosens your skin and will make you feel tired always. It will make the erection harder in men and in women she would get loosened vaginal wall. Consume bone broths and collagen supplements.

Sweet Potatoes


Consume sweet potato or yam since they are loaded with vitamin and potassium it will help you in increasing the sex drive and erectile dysfunction in men.



Watermelons are very good natural home remedies for lack of sex drive. It has been found that watermelons would naturally increase the sex drive. It may not act as Viagra but will help in boosting it naturally. Hence consume one slice of watermelon a day.

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