Home Remedies For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain starts from the lower hip and passes through thighs and lower parts of leg. The pain actually origins in the sciatic nerve. Here are some home remedies for nerve pain.

Hot Compress


Hot compress is one of the old age remedy that has been followed till now. Apply some hot compress in the affected areas. Dip a clean hot towel into the hotwater and sueeze out the excessive water and apply the compress for 15 minutes twice daily to get rid of this nerve pain.

Ginger Tea


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger tea will help you in curing the pain. Add a teaspoon of grated ginger top a cup of water and brew the water for a while and add honey if needed. Consume this tea twice daily to get rid of the pain.



Give up the gymnastic exercises and start doing yoga. Yoga would help you to increase the blood circulation and tones up the nerves and muscles. In this way the sciatic nerve pain can effectively be cured.

Natural Pain Reliever


Devil’s claw has been used as the best natural pain reliever. Prepare some tea out of devil’s claw and consume the tea twice or thrice daily to relive from the sciatic nerve pain.



Its one of the ancient chinese medication which involves curing the ailments usind the body’s natural energy levels. It brings in immediate change in pain and reduces the inflammation and also increase the lambar circulation in the body. Therefor you can go for accupunture sessions or do it on your own if you know the points exactly.

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