Home Remedies For Insomnia During Menopause

It’s a part of every women’s life, women when they grow old would experience the phase of menopause where the menstrual cycle stops. During this phase the women would experience some hormonal changes and will feel stressed, restless and will lack sleeplessness. Here are some home remedies for insomnia.

Go For Short Term HRT

The hormonal replacement therapy would have largely fallen since the treatment would result in blood clotting, which causes gallbladder and breast cancer diseases. But still the fact is that the HRT treatment during premenopausal time would help the women to have a better sleep. But the risks are according to the treatments of the individual.

Reinforce Your Sleeping Schedule

The issues of insomnia during menopause can be cured by rescheduling your sleeping pattern. If you feel that you have an irregular sleeping pattern then reschedule it. Bringing in a proper time schedule would help you in reaping better benefits thought your life time.

Go For An Alternative Treatment

Women who hesitate to make use of estrogens must speak to their doctors for some other antidepressant Effexor to decrease the hot flashes that disrupts your sleep. The drug is also prescribed for patients with breast cancer who are undergoing active therapy. Though it’s not as good as the estrogens the drug reduces the hot flashes up to 40-60% and makes you drowsy.

Take A Sleep Break

If you find it hard to sleep even after some of these medications then go for a sleep break. Sleep for a while in the evening so that you can match your sleeping pattern.



Chillow is a cooling pillow that can fill water in it. It won’t help you to cure hot flashes but help you in having a good sleep. Hence make use of Chillow to reduce the intensity that disrupts your sleep.


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