Healthy Eating Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life and of the most complicated phase since another life is in you. Women must double up their care for their diet, sleep and take lot of nutritious diet. Here are some of the healthy eating tips for pregnant women.

Do Not Skip The Breakfast

Never skip your breakfast and consume more of healthy breakfast like cereals and fruits as breakfast, the fortified cereals would increase the fibre content and also enriches the nutrition value in you and your kid.

Fibrous Food

Consume more of fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables such as carrots, cooked greens, apples, bananas and melons. Consume plenty of whole grains and try to incorporate brown rice and oats to your diet.

Healthy Eating Tips During Pregnancy 2

Go For Healthy Snack

Instead of munching on some junkies, the pregnant ladies are asked to munch on healthy snacks such as veggies, carrots, whole grains and fruit salads etc.  you can also go for fat free yogurt along with some fruits.

Healthy Eating Tips During Pregnancy 3


It is necessary to take up few prenatal medicines such as iron and folic acid. The iron keeps your blood healthy and the folic acid will prevent the birth defects. Also consume two average meals of fish or shellfish every week.

Never Eat Them

Healthy Eating Tips During Pregnancy 11

Stay away from soft cheese and lunch meat as they may contain bacteria that could hurt the baby in you. Avoid uncooked and undercooked foods such as sushi. Also avoid hot dogs and lunch meat unless they are cooked in steaming hot.

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