Health Myths And Misconceptions

Myths and misconception are always common in this world. The people would always turn a feather into five chicks. Now it has started to prevail even in the concept of health. Here are some health myths and misconceptions stated in this article.

Talcum Powder Keeps The Moisture Away


It has been found that women who apply baby talcum powder in their genital areas have increased risks of prostate cancer and have the chance of being affected by endometrial cancer. Women believed that the powder would absorb the wetness in the region, in such cases you can go for lingerie made with pure cotton and wash them in hot water after the use.

Drinking Milk Will Worsen A Runny Nose

Some of the people think that drinking milk would continuously increase the mucus secretion from their nose. The doctors have found that the coating formed in the throat after drinking milk has made them think that they have constant mucus secretion and increased phlegm. The milk is rich in vitamin D which is more important to boost the immunity in your body.

Vaccines Can Cause Developmental Disorders In Children

Health Myths And Misconceptions 2 2.jpg

This statement is still a debated issue. It’s totally unfair if you are not vaccinating the children on hearing this health myth. Measles, mumps and rubella have become the most common disease nowadays in the United States. Therefore the government has set up a campaign on vaccinating the children and so it’s necessary to give up these kinds of health myths and ensure that your children are vaccinated.

Makeup With SPF Is As Good As Sunscreen

Most of the ladies believe that the foundation with SPF is as good as that of sunscreen. Women believe that it would enhance their looks and would save them from the harsh UV rays, this is one of the great health myth ever prevails. Always make it a point to apply some sunscreen under your makeup and also carry a mini pack with you and apply whenever is required. It has been found in a study that makes up with SPF is 14 times lesser than the actual sunscreen lotion hence keeps reapplying whenever it’s necessary.

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