Common Diseases And Their Symptoms

Visiting the doctor is a hateful job for many people no matter how fit they are even then most of the people would have experienced at least one of these diseases. Here are the most common disease listed for you.

Common Cold


Cold is a common issue experienced by everyone at certain point of time. Normally cold attacks almost everyone since it’s a seasonal disease. Cold is the leading cause for doctor visits. The survey reports that cold would cause an estimate of 123+ million lost days from school and 116+ million days from offices.



Cough seems to be a simple issue but it might get worsen sometimes. The whooping cough is one of the best example worsened situation in coughs. About 2-3 million deaths occur every year by whooping coughs. Whooping coughs are also contagious and when a person coughs people around him or her might inhale and get infected. In children if it continues for more than 3 weeks its then said to be deadly.



Headache is common problem occurs in every one in today’s lifestyle. Increased stress, work pressure, traffic and the other ailments in the body can cause headache. Migraines are also one of the main reasons for headache. About 5% of the kids and 75% of the teens suffer a lot by headaches. The percentage would be higher when adults are included. Occasional headaches are caused by stress and lack of proper sleep but if it is continuous then there might be the dangers of migraine.

Stomach Pain


Stomach aches are yet another common problem experienced by one another at least once in their lifetime or multiple times in their life. You can get pain in your stomach for many reasons such as indigestion, food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, flu, stomach injuries and many more. But the most common cause would be due to food poisoning.

Back Pain


Back pain is a common disease for most of the employees and for those who stick on to the same place for longer hours. More than $25 billion dollars are spent on medication for back pain every year. Above all the lower back pain is more common in all; 8 out of 10 suffer by back pain. Most of the back pain would fade away in a month but if it lasts for more than 3 months then its is stated to be chronic and you will have to take up serious medication.

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