Tips For Stress Relieving

Stress is an uninvited guest that walks into our lives without our permission. It’s a must to make yourself stress free since long term stress would indu8ce hell a lot of health condition in your body. Therefore here are some of the tips on how to make you stress free.



Meditation is the best medicine for stress and a good relaxiative too. Meditate at least for 30 minutes daily, all that you will have to do is to freshen up yourself and sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and absorb your regular breathing pattern and that’s all you will have to do to de-stress.

Peppermint Oil


Add few drops peppermint oil to a tub of hot water and inhale the steam.  By doing it in this way you will be able to alleviate the stress. The strong fragrance of strong peppermint oil will enable you to have soothing effect and generally the menthol is considered as a de-stressor. Also try out consuming few cups of peppermint tea to get rid of stress

Essential Oil


You can also make use of some essential oils to make yourself stress free. Dab few drops of thyme oil or another essential oil of your own choice on your fore head and massage a little every day to de-stress yourself.

Time Management


Poor time management is the top most reason for anyone to get stressed out. Therefore manage your time well and proper time management is the best solution for stress, hence start managing your time in an efficient manner.

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Natural Remedies For Toothache And Swelling

There are various reasons for toothache, which includes infection, injury and gum diseases. Cavities and tooth decay are the results of breakage in teeth. Therefore poor maintenance is the main reasons for all these issues. Here are some home remedies for toothache.

Salt Water


Salt water is the best solution for any teeth and throat related issues. It draws out the fluids responsible for swelling. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use this salt water for gargling. Spit out the water after gargling.

Vanilla Extracts


The vanilla extract contains small quantities of alcohol which will help you combating with the bacteria and alleviates the infection. Hence use a cotton ball or swab and dip it in into vanilla extracts and place it on the affected area. It will yield you best results sooner.

Tea Tree Oil


The anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties of the tea tree oil would stop the gum swelling, calm down the nerves and will deeply penetrate and kill the bacteria. Apply it directly on the infected are using a cotton ball or mix the tea tree oil with some water and rinse it.White spot on teeth can also be reduced when you use tea tree oil regularly.

Apple Cider Vinegar


The acidic properties of apple cider vinegar will help you in warding off the bacteria. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents would save your tooth and alleviates the swelling. Apply some ACV directly on the infected regions or dilute it with water and use it for gargling.

Baking Soda


Baking pop is one of the best home remedies for a toothache and many other ailments in your body. Moisten some baking soda and dip it in the baking soda and apply it on the infected tooth for a while. It would help you in alleviating the inflammation and the pain.

Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus With Vinegar

The nail fungus occurs commonly in all the people with a simple and common symptom of yellowing of nails under the toe nails. When the nail fungus goes deeper inside then it might turn into nail disorder, thicken and crumbles. It can affect several nails but not all of them.

If the condition is mild then you needn’t bother but if it’s not so then you will definitely have to take up some treatments to avoid the unwanted loss of nails. Even if the treatment works you may have the fungus again. Nail fungus can also be known as onychomycosis. When your nail is being affected by nail fungus then you will experience the symptoms like;

  • Thickened
  • Crumbled
  • Distorted in shape
  • Dull with no shine
  • Dark in colour built by debris under the skin



The infected nails would get separated from the nail bed and feel a foul odour sometimes.  Though there are various home remedies for toenail fungus. The alkaline nature of vinegar is said to cure the toe nail fungus in a better way. But you will have to see the doctor when you find that the self care help doesn’t seems to help you and when you have diabetics and develop the toe nail fungus.

Vinegar For Toenail Fungus

Vinegar’s natural alkaline nature would help you in alleviating the bacteria and the viruses. Treating you affected nail twice daily with vinegar would help you in alleviating the bacteria.

Soak the infected leg into a bowl of warm water mixed with vinegar. Mix a cup of vinegar in ¼ of water in a tub. Soak you legs for about 15 minutes twice daily.

You can also apply the vinegar directly on the affected finger twice daily for better results. Dip an ear bud into the vinegar and apply it on your toes twice daily.

Most Popular Mixed Drinks At Weddings

Drinking has become a part of celebration traditionally. Drinks are present in every party and celebration and its the sign of celebration. Here are various drinks that would serve our tastes. Here are some of the most popular drinks to be used in your wedding parties.



Mojito is one of the famous rum based drinks and the drink contains only 10% of alcohol. The drink contains lime juice sugar and soda water. This low alcoholic drink is loved by many people.

  • 2-3 ounces of water
  • Soda water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Lime and mint spings

Mix the water and sugar and mix them well as soon as the sugar dissolves mix the other ingredients along with rum and serve it chill to the visitors.

Jello Shots


Its a vodka based drink that can also be done with tequila or rum. It can be replaced with water and the other drinks. Add 3 cups of water, 2 cups of tequila or any other above stated alcohol and 3 packs of jelly with sugar.

Long Island Iced Tea


It a cocktail drink which contains rum, tequila, vodka, gin and triple sec. The name is so because it tastes like ice tea and are also in the same colour.

Mix same amount of all the above mentioned ingredients and mix them with coca cola. Serve it chilled on an enthusiastic get together.

Old Fashioned


It a cocktail drink developed during the 19th century. The drink is made up of sugar, bitters, whiskey or brandy and citrus rind.

  • Take 2 ounces of rye whiskey
  • 2-3 dashes of bitters and
  • 1 teaspoon of refined sugar

Muddle the glass with bitter and put the sugar into it and add a little of water to it and let it dissolve. Add the whiskey and large pieces of ice cubes. Garnish the drink with cherry and a slice of orange. It a best party drink if you plan for a retro party.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites Overnight

The mosquito bites are often irritating and itchier. Nowadays the mosquito borne diseases are increasing and leads to many causalities because of improper care and protection. Here are some quick home remedies for mosquito bites.



Garlic benefits are not only for internal uses but also for external ailments like mosquito bites. Crush a clove of garlic and apply it on the skin and let it sit for a while and then wash off the affected area with water.

Baking Soda


Prepare some paste with baking pop and apply it on your blisters and leave it overnight and by the morning you can find the bites been healed.



Salt has rich antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can help you in warding off the mosquito bite blisters. Apply some water on the affected area and directly apply the paste of salt on the blisters and leave it overnight.



Ice packs are the best home remedies for mosquito bites. Apply some ice compress to ward off the itchiness and the inflammation in the affected areas.



Dip a cotton swab into the unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar and apply it directly on the affected regions to get rid of the itchiness bothering you.

Corn Flour


Prepare a thick paste out of corn flour and apply it on the blisters. Let the paste sit overnight and then wash of the starch while you bath in the morning. Its one of the effective home remedies for mosquito bites. The corn flour remedy can be used for all kinds of insect bites.

Home Remedies For Sneezing And Runny Nose During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with various symptoms, it not only includes aches and pain but also include various other issues such as sneezing, nasal stiffness and nasal stuffiness. The cold and sneezing are not harmful to the baby but are annoying. Here are some tips to alleviate the cold and sneezing during pregnancy.

To Subside Sneezing

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Try saline nose drops several times a day
  • Try an antihistamine that’s is safe during pregnancy
  • Have humidifier or vaporizer or humidifier next in your room
  • Elevate your head while sleeping
  • Steaming would also be helpful in warding off the sneezing issue
  • Drink peppermint tea twice daily, to alleviate sneezing.

Here Are Some Home Remedies For Cold



Consume lot of warm fluids such as soups, tea, coffee and milk etc. Drinking hot fluids will help you in thinning the mucus. Hence drink hot fluids several times daily.



Steaming not only the best of home remedies for sneezing but also in the case of cold it’s a very good remedy. Therefore put some essential oil into a bowl of hot water and steam it to get rid of cold and sneezing.

Ginger Tea


Drink 2-3 cups of ginger tea to alleviate the symptoms of cold. Add a teaspoon of grated ginger to a cup of boiling water and steep the liquids for about 5 minutes and strain the tea, add some honey to sweeten the drink. Consume the tea twice daily to alleviate the cold.



You can simply chew some peppermint leaves or prepare some tea out of the fresh leaves or the dried ones. Sip the twice or thrice daily for best results.

Medicated Ointment



Use some medicated ointment prescribed by the doctor or make use of eucalyptus oil to have a better cure from the runny nose and also sneezing.

Home Remedies For Insomnia During Menopause

It’s a part of every women’s life, women when they grow old would experience the phase of menopause where the menstrual cycle stops. During this phase the women would experience some hormonal changes and will feel stressed, restless and will lack sleeplessness. Here are some home remedies for insomnia.

Go For Short Term HRT

The hormonal replacement therapy would have largely fallen since the treatment would result in blood clotting, which causes gallbladder and breast cancer diseases. But still the fact is that the HRT treatment during premenopausal time would help the women to have a better sleep. But the risks are according to the treatments of the individual.

Reinforce Your Sleeping Schedule

The issues of insomnia during menopause can be cured by rescheduling your sleeping pattern. If you feel that you have an irregular sleeping pattern then reschedule it. Bringing in a proper time schedule would help you in reaping better benefits thought your life time.

Go For An Alternative Treatment

Women who hesitate to make use of estrogens must speak to their doctors for some other antidepressant Effexor to decrease the hot flashes that disrupts your sleep. The drug is also prescribed for patients with breast cancer who are undergoing active therapy. Though it’s not as good as the estrogens the drug reduces the hot flashes up to 40-60% and makes you drowsy.

Take A Sleep Break

If you find it hard to sleep even after some of these medications then go for a sleep break. Sleep for a while in the evening so that you can match your sleeping pattern.



Chillow is a cooling pillow that can fill water in it. It won’t help you to cure hot flashes but help you in having a good sleep. Hence make use of Chillow to reduce the intensity that disrupts your sleep.

Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure And Sugar

People who suffer with diabetics would tend to get blood pressure in due course of time. The blood pressure would result in hypertension and when it goes on for a longer period of time it would result in heart disorders. Here are some home remedies for blood pressure.

Celery (Ajmud)


The hypertension patients are asked to include celery as a part of their diet. If a person with blood pressure  and remove hickey consumes celery along with a glass of warm water every day then you can see the best results in you within a month.



Garlic is the best of home remedies for blood pressure with sugar. Mince 2-3 cloves of garlic and add them to a glass of water and drink the water every morning to reduce the pressure levels and sugar levels too.



Take some fresh basil juic with some honey (honey is optional and to be avoided by people with higher sugar levels). Consume a glass of this drink every morning to control hypertension and the sugar levels.



Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and consume the water in the morning in empty stomach to reduce both the sugar levels and the pressure levels.

Watermelon Seeds



Crush 2 tablespoons of watermelon seeds and steep them in a litre of water for about an hour and consume 4 tablespoons of this drink on regular basis.

Curry Leaves


Curry leaves juice will not only helps you in reducing weight but also in the case of blood pressure. Take a handful of curry leaves and add a cup of water to prepare some juice out of it. Consume a glass of this juice once daily if the taste is not bearable then add some lemon juice to the dink and consume it. This juice will ward off the pressure levels when consumed regularly.

Health Benefits Of Kiwi Seeds

The black seeds of kiwi are more than what gets stuck in your teeth. As per the say big things start small, the benefits of these little seeds are small

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A medium sized kiwi fruit contains 29 grams of essential fats in the form alpha-linolenic acid and also contains omega 3 fatty acids in smaller quantity, which is important for the brain function and heart health. Kiwi is one among those natural foods with a healthy ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. The people in US get surplus amount of omega 6 fatty acids and deficit amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It will put out the high risk of inflammation, heart disease cancer and cognitive aging.

Contains Fibre

Each medium sized kiwi fruit will contain 2 grams of fibre, which is equivalent to 8%of the daily value. The fibre is also obtained from the skin and seeds of the fruit. Getting enough fibre would help in lowering the risk of high cholesterol, haemorrhoids, constipation and heart diseases. Fibre content will help you to maintain healthy weight.

Protein And Antioxidants

Kiwi seeds contain antioxidants in smaller quantity that contributes 5% of the daily required amount of antioxidants. Also the fruit contains some small quantity of protein (less than a gram), which provides amino acids to your body.

Allergen Considerations

Some people are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and they may also react to the kiwi seeds. It has been found that the two allergens present inside the kiwi seeds exhibits cross reactivity towards the peanuts and the tree nuts. Digestion of the fruit causes the release of these allergens.

Common Diseases And Their Symptoms

Visiting the doctor is a hateful job for many people no matter how fit they are even then most of the people would have experienced at least one of these diseases. Here are the most common disease listed for you.

Common Cold


Cold is a common issue experienced by everyone at certain point of time. Normally cold attacks almost everyone since it’s a seasonal disease. Cold is the leading cause for doctor visits. The survey reports that cold would cause an estimate of 123+ million lost days from school and 116+ million days from offices.



Cough seems to be a simple issue but it might get worsen sometimes. The whooping cough is one of the best example worsened situation in coughs. About 2-3 million deaths occur every year by whooping coughs. Whooping coughs are also contagious and when a person coughs people around him or her might inhale and get infected. In children if it continues for more than 3 weeks its then said to be deadly.



Headache is common problem occurs in every one in today’s lifestyle. Increased stress, work pressure, traffic and the other ailments in the body can cause headache. Migraines are also one of the main reasons for headache. About 5% of the kids and 75% of the teens suffer a lot by headaches. The percentage would be higher when adults are included. Occasional headaches are caused by stress and lack of proper sleep but if it is continuous then there might be the dangers of migraine.

Stomach Pain


Stomach aches are yet another common problem experienced by one another at least once in their lifetime or multiple times in their life. You can get pain in your stomach for many reasons such as indigestion, food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, flu, stomach injuries and many more. But the most common cause would be due to food poisoning.

Back Pain


Back pain is a common disease for most of the employees and for those who stick on to the same place for longer hours. More than $25 billion dollars are spent on medication for back pain every year. Above all the lower back pain is more common in all; 8 out of 10 suffer by back pain. Most of the back pain would fade away in a month but if it lasts for more than 3 months then its is stated to be chronic and you will have to take up serious medication.